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Happiness made easy.

We use pure ingredients to make gluten free baking mixes that anyone can transform. Our products are so delicious that they are certain to be enjoyed even by those without dietary challenges. This is important because food is for sharing. All our baking mixes are vegan, though they can be made with dairy if that’s what you like. Because we are all about choice for the people…

Choose your adventure

Our delicious gluten free biscuit mixes are full of nutritious almond, contain pure ingredients that you don’t need to google and are super easy to make.
Dairy-free as well? Vegan? No problem! You CHOOSE what to add to the mix, depending on your dietary requirements and preferences - use dairyfree spread, nut butter or dairy butter.

image of Blue Sky Brownie Mix

Blue Sky Brownie Mix

This YOMO Blue Sky Brownie mix is made with pecan meal, almond meal and other pure ingredients.

image of Burger Bun Mix

Burger Bun Mix

This YOMO Burger Bun mix contains only pure ingredients and is vegan, paleo and keto friendly.

image of Na-Na Bread Mix

Na-Na Bread Mix

This Na-Na bread mix has zero added sugar and can be made three low carb ways, depending on your dietary requirements and preferences.

image of Banana Bread Mix

Banana Bread Mix

A lunchbox staple for all ages! This YOMO gluten free banana bread mix is paleo, vegan and contains no refined sugar.

image of Choc Muffin Mix

Choc Muffin Mix

This YOMO gluten free choc muffin mix is so quick and easy to make and so yummy.

image of Anzac Biscuit Mix

Anzac Biscuit Mix

Great for the 25th of April or any time really. This ANZAC mix is full of nutritious almond flakes and other pure ingredients.

image of Choc Chip Biscuit Mix

Choc Chip Biscuit Mix

It’s hard to go past a choc chip biscuit. This mix has lots of nutritious almond meal and a generous amount of chocolate.