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We love food. We love sourcing, experimenting, sharing and eating. However, our family has a whole suite of dietary requirements. With one coeliac daughter and another with non-IgE mediated allergies to gluten, corn, rice, soy, egg and dairy, finding food that we can all eat is very difficult! Add to this the continual frustration of “free from” and “no added” foods being often free from taste, with no added texture, we had to do something. For all the food lovers.

Our Products

Welcome to our world

Our mission is to make life better for people with difficult dietary requirements. No more “I wish I could have that.” No more friends saying “ergh no thank you, I don’t do gluten free”. No more sad little faces. Just delicious food that everyone wants to share. Not because they have to, but because it’s good. Really good.

Pure ingredients

Our baking mixes combine Australian and organic ingredients that you don’t need to google. Just pure, simple ingredients that you would find in many household pantries.

Our Products

Things are not usually easy for people with dietary requirements. We want to change that! One mix at a time... Our baking mixes deliver home-made, without fuss. We’ve done the work on the recipes so that you can use your kitchen to quickly transform our mixes into a consistently delicious product every time.


Questions? Answers?

Please let us know if you have any questions about our products - we would love to help! Also please tell us if you have any answers! Do you know what products you would like to see next? Tell us!