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Anzac Biscuit Mix

Great for the 25th of April or any time really. This YOMO gluten free ANZAC biscuit mix is full of nutritious almond flakes and other pure ingredients. It is super easy to make and can be made three delicious ways, depending on your dietary requirements and preferences. All YOMO Gluten Free baking mixes are vegan, though they can be made with dairy if that’s what you like, because we are all about choice for you.

Nutrition Information
Servings Per Package: 30 Serving Size: 16g*
Per 100g (Dry Mix) Keep it simple Nut double down Friends with dairy
Energy 2114.0kJ 346.8kJ 386.4kJ 362.9kJ
Protein 11.0g 1.3g 2.0g 1.4g
Fat Total 29.3g 5.4g 6.0g 5.8g
- Saturated fat 12.6g 2.0g 2.7g 3.0g
Carbohydrates 46.2g 6.9g 7.0g 6.9g
- Sugar 35.0g 5.6g 5.5g 5.6g
Dietery Fibre 11.2g 1.3g 1.9g 1.3g
Sodium 252.4mg 42.6mg 31.3mg 51.1mg
Gluten not detected - - -

*For finished product when made as directed.
All values are averages and are subject to seasonal variation.


Australian blanched almond (flakes and meal), Australian dark brown sugar, organic desiccated coconut, organic tapioca starch, organic coconut flour, Australian golden flaxseed flour, organic coconut flakes, baking soda.

May contain traces of pecan, macadamia and walnut.